Current CAs

Welcome to our library of resources for Computer Science CAs. For a TL;DR of these pages, please read the Official CA Information Sheet, which provides a brief overview of your duties and our resources.  Please also see a presentation from the VPTL about Creating an Inclusive Course Climate and Culture in CS classes, office hours, etc.  Finally, please check out the CA Orientation slides if you would like to review any info about CAing or to find out about available resources.

Love being a CA? The computer science department is always looking for ways to improve our quality of teaching. You can work on your skills and learn more about teaching through workshops and classes hosted by the CTL, or by applying to be a MinT Fellow or a CTL liaison or consultant. Don't hesitate to contact to contact one of the CA Mentors for details (see orientation slides for contact info). 

We hope that you enjoy your time teaching here at Stanford! 

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