The 2016 International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV 2016) will provide a great opportunity for the academic and industrial communities to demonstrate research, share solutions, and exhibit products. Technical topics include all areas of 3D computer vision. Demos will be presented on October 28, 2016, at the same venue as the main conference. The current list of demos follows below:

3D-Recurrent Reconstruction Neural Network

Christopher B. Choy, Danfei Xu, JunYoung Gwak, Kevin Chen, Silvio Savarese
Stanford University

3D Semantic Parsing of Large-Scale Indoor Spaces

Iro Armeni, Ozan Sener, Amir Zamir, Silvio Savarese
Stanford University

A Large-scale Computer Vision Benchmark Dataset


Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos

Justus Thies, Michael Zollhofer, Marc Stamminger, Christian Theobalt, Matthias Nießner
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics, Stanford University


Amir Sadeghian, Alexandre Robicquet, Chris Cruise, Alexandre Alahi
Stanford University

Human-machine interaction

Wendy Ju
Stanford University

Real-time dense caption and style transfer

Justin Johnson
Stanford University

RenderForCNN: 3D Model Identification and Pose Estimation from a Single Image with Deep Nets

Charles R. Qi, Hao Su
Stanford University

Synthesizing Training Images for Boosting Human 3D Pose Estimation

Wenzheng Chen, Huan Wang, Yangyan Li, Hao Su, Zhenhua Wang, Changhe Tu, Dani Lischinski, Daniel Cohen-Or, Baoquan Chen
Shandong University, Stanford University, Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University


Esha Nerurka, Joel Hesch